The Reflux Clinic

The Reflux Clinic has recently opened its doors for the first time to cater for many people suffering, often debilitating, illness caused by problems relating to the proper functioning of their stomach and other parts of the abdomen.
 We have various ways that we can assess you and make sure that you receive the correct diagnosis and treatment at a choice of locations.
 With many years of experience, Mr James Catton, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon can advise you and manage your care.

How The Reflux Clinic Can Help You!

Consultant Care

Mr James Catton, Consultant Gastric Surgeon runs the Reflux Clinic at the BMI Park Hospital Nottingham, and the Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital Nottingham. Providing a consultant care service and many years of experience.

Identify Your Pain

The Reflux Clinic is for all those suffering from symptoms of reflux, dyspepsia, gallstones or caeliac problems. Mr Catton can investigate your symptoms and identify your pain, whatever they may be, to ensure you have the correct treatment.

Innovative Care For Individuals

The Reflux Clinic through the skill and expertise of Mr James Catton has access to and provides up to date and innovative treatments for abdominal complaints. Endostim, Linx and High Resolution Manometry offer a level of care not found elsewhere.